Jupiter-6 programmer ROM for MKS-80

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Postby nebula » Fri May 04, 2007 3:22 am

Or save yourself some time - set up your JP-6 with Europa, who has already done the ROM work for you, and you get a gazillion other features too.

Then take the output of your JP-6 and go into your computer. Use something like Logic's Environment or Max to respond to the CC messages generated by your Europafied JP-6 and convert the values to MKS-80 Sysex.

This would save lots of work trying to disassemble the JP-6 ROM and sticking hacks in there without causing bugs.

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Postby sjones » Fri May 04, 2007 6:27 am

I was going to suggest he do the same thing. Europa took a long time to develop and just about everything you'd ever want your JP6 to do is in there.

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Postby nebula » Fri May 04, 2007 9:10 pm

I dunno, man -- I doubt there are many people who own a JP-6 and an MKS-80 who can't afford either an MPG-80 or Europa. Of those, how many would want to (1) open up their machine to replace the ROM, and (2) go to that kind of trouble to create a control surface that still doesn't get to every MKS-80 parameter, and (3) generate the extra layer of confusion of "is my JP-6 controlling itself or my Super Jupiter right now?"

Perhaps one's time could be better spent building a MIDIBox (www.ucapps.de) that has full MKS-80 functionality, and sharing the PIC code with the open-source MIDIBox community. I'll bet if somebody had a week (maybe less) to devote to it, they could build a box that can do everything an MPG-80 can do - perhaps even more - for under a hundred bucks, not including the cost of a decent enclosure.

This of course is just my two cents, and I really don't want to sound negative here! It sounds like you have your reasons, so please have fun doing whatever you decide to take on!

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Postby clusterchord » Sun May 13, 2007 12:57 pm

agreed, i say if one cares for sound of MKS80 that much to cosider going thru extra cost, time n trouble of such modifications, he should probably get the MPG-80 form the start anyway.

i had rev4 MKS80 w MPG80. sold it later to finance obx. but it was such a great surface to work with, so quick for programming. id never get MKS80 without a programmer. i wish i had tried rev5 in the flesh before letting go of this setup,but..,
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Re: Jupiter-6 programmer ROM for MKS-80

Postby Synthcom » Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:26 am

rga24 wrote:Here's an idea - modify the Jupiter-6 master CPU ROM to make the JP-6 output MIDI controller messages suitable for adjusting the parameters of the MKS-80 - in other words, use the knobs, sliders and switches of the Jupiter-6 layout as a programmer for the MKS-80, as well as providing a (non-velocity sensitive, non-aftertouch) MIDI keyboard for the module (which the stock JP-6 already can do).

I can tell you from experience that Roland's JP-6 firmware is some of the worst spaghetti code I've ever seen. Europa started out with a very similar idea to yours - "let's modify Roland's code to send and receive MIDI controller messages". It took us maybe a week to abandon that idea, when we realized the code would be much easier to rewrite than decipher. :P Also, the EPROM is full, so you'd have to mod the socket for a bigger chip. If you know what you're doing, though, you should be able to identify ther ADC & Midi transmit code and hack it to send CCs. Good luck figuring out how the switch data is stored, though. ;)

rga24 wrote:While the Jupiter-6 layout isn't exactly the same as the MKS-80 programmer, it's probably closer than anything else other than an MPG-80 and could be adapted to suit the MKS-80 parameters with a little dual use of some sliders and switches. .


There are several Europa customers who want this feature, so I'm thinking about cooking up a special version of the firmware that has an MKS-80 Edit mode.I should probably release a teaser version that only reads the sliders, and if I get enough preorders to allow me to buy an MKS-80 for testing, finish the switch settings (which will proabably be a PITA). First, though, I've got to finish V2.0 of Europa!


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