Replacing a key on the JP8

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Replacing a key on the JP8

Postby synthymike » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:40 pm

In a stupid accident involving a flight case and a rogue bass guitar I managed to break a key on my beloved JP8.

After about half an hour of swearing and feeling absolutely awful I super-glued the broken key together and it still works but it's not nice seeing a damaged key staring back at you reminding you of how stupid you are!

I've managed to get my hands on an exact replacement for the key that was damaged however I'm not sure how on earth do you get at the Jupiter 8 keyboard itself to replace the a key? I've noticed there's a metal lip that is screwed in underneath the keys - does this mean I have to take out all the countless rather scary looking boards and connectors to bits to get at the keyboard mechanism? With my dreadful electronics skills it'll probably never work again!!!

Has anyone got any experience of doing this?

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Postby noidear » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:52 pm

Hi, mike, yes I have done it before a year or so ago. I'll have a look through my pics to see if there are any I took of the process. I would check out the service manual also, as you need to undo some screws on the bottom panel of the synth, but cant remember if you need to remove the long thin front metal panel. Once the keyboard and mount are exposed, it is a bit fiddly to get the key out as there is a thin piece of clear plastic that is glued to the top of the keybed mount that stops the keys from falling out, so when taking the broken key out you have to gently lift this clear plastic strip up enough to let the edge of the key slide out. Putting back the new one is easier as it just clips into place. It isn't too difficult but if you are worried about doing it yourself then I would suggest taking it to a tech.

I will try and find the pics though if I can

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