EG issues...

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EG issues...

Postby sir_dss » Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:06 pm


I'm wondering if anyone has ever had these problems with their Jupiter 6 before?

1. The release of ADSR 2 seems to have no effect on the J6 at all

2. The amount of sustain is dependent on how fast let off the keys...but strangely in reverse. When I play an accent chord really quickly the J6 sustains but when I hold down a chord it immediately cuts the chord off...

Any suggestions?



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Postby Bross » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:21 am

I haven't had that particular problem but here's a possible explanation. First for problem #2. If you set an ADSR with a short decay, 0 sustain, and a long release you will experience what you are describing. If you hold down a key it goes through the short decay time and the note dies because sustain is set to 0. But if you release a key right away before the envelope has fully decayed, the long release stage takes over.

As for problem #1, I would guess the problem is the actual release slider itself or a shorted/bad connection coming to or from the release slider. If the slider output is stuck on one value, the CPU won't detect you are trying to edit it. So the release value will be stuck on whatever the release of the preset is. Out of curiosity, are you stuck with either the min or max release time in Manual mode?

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