Roland Promars Restoration

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Roland Promars Restoration

Postby Barry_S » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:39 am

Hi all, Im new here.
I am currently restoring a Promars and I am looking for some pictures of the internals of an original one. There was some re-wiring carried out to the ribbon cable connecting the Delay/Bend to the LFO. There also appears to be a wire cut on connector E1 on the power supply board, F that leads to connection A6 on the mother board.
I have a copy of the service notes/schematics but I would just like to confirm by seeing a photo of an original. If anyone has one and could post pictures, it would be a huge help.

Also, if anyone would like a copy of the service notes, let me know and I can upload them. I had a hard time finding them!


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