could voices be individually tuned/octaved? ideas for mods

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jeffrey girlsbottom
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could voices be individually tuned/octaved? ideas for mods

Postby jeffrey girlsbottom » Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:16 pm

was wondering if such a mod would work or exsists?
so that you could tune or octave-tune each individual voice of the 6 or even better, of the 12. or 16 for the JP8
so you could play on mono mode, one key and be able to tune every voice to whatever you want(of the 12 for the JP6, 16 for the JP8), so voice one could be 5 octaves up and a further 4 semitones up and detuned, and so on. and then the 2nd voice of osc 2 could be in the 32 low octave range almost LFO and then sync osc 2 to osc 1. then have cross mod. like the MOTM cloud generator.
or in unison mode to do different things like a slow detune. or poly.
perhaps the new Europa will?

even with the unison detune, could it be possible to make the range expanded? so the knob turned all the way around, each voice is as high as possible nd as low as possible; then slowly bring it back to zero so that you could hear the voices all colliding and beating on each others oscillating rhythms , but being turned back into your custom made individual voice settings.
perhaps different values of cross mod individually for each voice to what you want.

could i output the micro tuning scaling data via midi from my D-50 into the jupiter? playing from the D-50 of course.

hope to get interesting detuned, dissonant + beautiful tones

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Postby okeaire » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:48 am

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