Europa OS 2.0 Patch & Preset Dumping All Slots problem

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Europa OS 2.0 Patch & Preset Dumping All Slots problem

Postby noidear » Wed May 02, 2012 9:37 am

Hi All,

I have run into a problem trying to save and restore all the Patches and Presets via MIDI, and was hoping that someone who is also using Europa with OS 2.0 preferably release candidate 4 can help by trying this out as well and letting me know if this works for you or not.

Please note that I have tried doing this the other day and have lost all my patches as a result. I have contacted Jeffrey at Synthcom to see if this is a bug in the latest OS RC but this is yet to be confirmed.

So there is a possibility that if this doesnt work you may lose your patches as well, and therefore I want to warn you not to try this unless you have done this before and have saved your patches sucessfully. Even though it would be of help to find out if others have the same problem or if it is just an issue with my Jupiter 6, but I dont want anyone else losing their patches etc. So only try at your own risk.

Just to explain, Europa OS 2.0 added an extra 8 Patch Slots and an extra 6 Preset Slots to Europa which vastly increased the number of patches and presets that can be saved to memory. The extra Patch Slots are available as follows. Hold the "Patch Preset" button down and you will see all the Bank A-F buttons apart from one of them flashing. For example if all are flashing apart from button A then this shows you are in Slot A. To choose another Slot, when holding the Patch Preset button down press one of the other flashing bank buttons.

The only stipulation here from what I have found is that once you are in a new Slot then this slot is selected for both Patches and Presets, and to save a Preset in this new Slot, the Patch that is associated with it has to also be in the same slot. (Please Confirm this)

Also note that there is a difference between a Patch and a Preset. See the following link for a comparison ... es+presets

To select a Patch from A-1 to F-8 first make sure the "Patch Preset" button LED is not lit up, whereas to select a Preset you have to make sure the Patch Preset buttons LED is lit.

Ok, now back to the patch dump problem;

When Saving the Patches and Presets via Midi dump I have followed the Europa Manual instructions as follows

To dump the Patches & Presest via midi, hook up the Jupiter 6 to your PC and set a track on the sequencer to record the MIDI in from the synth. Press record on Sequencer and then on Jupiter hold Tape Memory button then press button 7 and this should begin the dump of all the Patches etc to your sequencer.

To restore I then set my sequencer track to send midi out to Jupiter 6 and then simply played back the midi track that was dumped earlier. Again this was according the the Europa manual instructions. You will notice all the led's on the Jupiter flash for a few seconds.

Unfortunately when I did this, the patch dump has only saved the patches and presets from Slot A, and none of the other Slots have been backed up. I looked at the patch dump file in a sysex editor to check this and I can confirm that only Slot A (in sysex it is called Slot 0 as in 0 to 8) is saved.

However restoring this file has also for some reason restored all my other Slots back to what seems like the same Slot A patches, so I have lost all my home grown patches :(

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or are you all able to save and restore all Slots via patch dump.

Thanks for any help with this.

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Postby wpgwjm » Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:47 pm

Just wondering if you ever got this sorted? I've been saving my patches individually, but am interested in saving the entire board, or individual slots, whatever the proper case may be . . .


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Postby noidear » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:39 am

No Not sorted yet as waiting for Jeffrey at Synthcom to release a fix for it. Might be an idea if you could also contact him and ask when he will do this so he knows its not just one person experiencing this issue. Cheers

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