Jupiter 6 with Europa not receiving MIDI data

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Jupiter 6 with Europa not receiving MIDI data

Postby wpgwjm » Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:13 pm

Hello to all Europa'd Jupiter 6 users . . .

Got my JP6 back from having the Europa upgrade installed a few weeks ago and have been getting to know the synth (I didn't have one previous to having the Europa installed), ever since . . . and loving it!

For ages though I couldn't figure out why I could easily save patches (or dump the entire board), but nothing I tried allowed me to load those patches back into the JP6. Then I realized when recording some MIDI sequences, and then playing those sequences back from Logic, that my JP6 doesn't seem to be receiving any MIDI data.

I've tried switching the MIDI channel on the JP6 (I've actually tried all 16). I know that my MIDI interface is working because it runs my other MIDI-able synths just fine on whatever channels I set everything up to. I can see the LED light is blinking on my USB-MIDI device to show that it's receiving and transmitting the MIDI data coming from Logic, but the TUNE LED doesn't blink at all on the JP6 (which I believe it's supposed to do when a Europa'd Jupiter 6 is receiving MIDI data). . . in fact I've never seen the JP6 do anything at all while I'm sending it MIDI info - be it a sequence of notes, or patch dump info.

Just thought I'd give you guys a try to see if there's a setting somewhere I might have missed while going through the user manual before I take it back to my tech under suspicion that "something's broken".

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