Europa freezes when midi is transmitted to it?

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Europa freezes when midi is transmitted to it?

Postby Clegg » Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:28 am

When I connect the synth through midi, it simply dies. All LEDs become dead except for LFO 2 which constantly blinks. I tried using my MPC2000 as a sequencer. If I turn on the MPC and then the jupiter, the jupiter only displays the LFO2 blinking light. If I turn the J6 on first, it works up until I turn on the MPC. When the MPC loads, the jupiter dies again.

This is the same if I try to use any other synth to control the J6, or if I plug directly into my computer to transfer patched (or update firmware). So basically anything that's connected to midi in will make europa stop working alltogether.

Would anyone have any suggestions? I just got the Europa installed from a reputable tech.

Also, can anyone tell me how many banks should have different sounds on them with the Europa 2.0? My bank A is a scrambled mess and banks B onwards are fine, but each bank is a mirror of itself .

Any help would greatly be appreciated

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