Resonance problem

The Roland Jupiter-6 Analogue Synthesizer
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Resonance problem

Postby Doug » Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:12 pm

Hi, am wondering if anyone is familiar with the JP6 filter circuits as mine has developed a problem. The resonance now doesn’t work on the 4 voice board. On the 2 voice board the resonance responds as it should, but on the 4 voice board it’s flat & moving the slider does nothing.

I assumed then that there would be a CV issue somewhere in the D/A or S/H circuits but upon testing I am getting a good 0-10v from pin 1 (resonance CV) of IC21 in the S/H section when moving the res slider. Ruling out a CV problem then, Im now thinking how could all 4 filter circuits have developed a resonance problem at the same time? I must be missing something really obvious right?

I’m obviously no tech but I do know the basics & would really appreciate any suggestions anyone might have?


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