MKS80 problems

The Roland Super-Jupiter (MKS-80) analogue synthesizer
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MKS80 problems

Postby Synthfool » Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:35 pm

The MKS80 generates so much heat internally that even though the capacitors are rated at 105c (instead of 85c like the JP8), they still fail eariler than many other vintage analogs.

If your MKS80 ever breaks and produces a huge wash of white noise, no matter what the patch, the cause is most likely failed electrolytic caps.

If recapping is chosen, it should be noted that one capacitor on the rev 5 voice boards (C119) should be installed backwards from the board's silkscreen.
Roland goofed there. Verify before removal and replacement.

Also, the heat can cause the trimmer adjustments to crack.

Here are some photos of a late model (rev 5) MKS80 with almost all trimmers cracked:

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Postby roginator » Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:41 pm


I just recaped mine REV.4 MKS 80
Mine trimers are GREAT like new

BUT hehehehe same probleem with wrong marked PCBS

all you guts who gonna recap REV.4

C118 is wrong marked on out for polarity or you will have smoke machine!!

so !!!!!!

C118 should be installed backwards from the board's silkscreen.
on bouth voice boards

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