"manual" button weirdness... need help.

The Roland Jupiter-4 and ProMars Compuphonic Analogue Synthesizer
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"manual" button weirdness... need help.

Postby the19thbear » Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:47 pm

Hey peoples.
-I have an issue with the "manual" button on my J4. It recently started acting up, and to get into manual mode, i have to press the button, turn off the J4 and turn it on again. Otherwise it will just stay in whatever preset i have turned on.

anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions?
I recently followed the "retro sounds" homepage and switched the battery, and converted the J4 to accept the new type of battery (im not using the Nicid battery type anymore but the other type.. whatever that is:), maybe that messed up things?


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